Toshiya Yoshioka

In a small shed nestled between mountains and a stream near the small town of Ashibetsu, Toshiya Yoshioka greets us with a warm smile as he steps out of his workshop. Sporting a bandana and a worn apron, one can sense the aura of an artisan dedicated to his craft since he was 20 years old.

When you enter his studio, you are greeted by a warm stove fueled by spare wood parts, and the sounds of machines whirring away. As we gather around the stove enjoying our warm cup of coffee, he shares his experiences.


Born and raised in Ashibetsu, Toshiya began his career learning from the family trade. Began specializing in decorated wood boxes and small figures, Toshiya developed his expertise creating custom work for art and corporate exhibitions. Now, with over 30 years of experience, he has begun creating his own pieces.


Designed in his mind, crafted by hand. Toshiya’s designs are rarely drawn on paper. He dreams and sets out to work. Every wood piece is hand selected to consider the perfect grain pattern, and each curve and edge is carefully sculpted to achieve an organic and human feel.