In Sapporo, amongst warehouses and factories that host many of Japan’s finest producers, is a shared workspace hidden away from the noisy bustle of the city. When you are here, you can hear the sound of wood saws and sanding until the late hours long after the sun has set, and not have to worry about the neighbors being woken up. The person usually responsible for all this productivity, is Aki Tsuji. She is an artist and craftswoman, designing and crafting original works that are both beautiful and well received.


After studying design and woodworking, Aki worked at a local furniture company in Hokkaido. Over the years, unable to suppress her inner artist, Aki became independent and started her own studio. Working at a shared workspace with other artists that share similar passions, Aki has now amounted an impressive portfolio of over 30 unique works ranging from jewelry to furniture.


Although working predominantly with wood, Aki actually loves working with a combination of different materials. Aki draws her inspirations from artists, architecture, graphic design, and other disciplines to create pieces that show a modern and elegant side to wood.