Founded by Naoto Yoshida, to-mo-ni means “together”, and offers accessories / daily-use products made from left-over or recyclable wood materials that were originally purposed for larger objects such as furniture. As the products are designed by Naoto, the production and making of the product is by local artisans in Asahikawa, Japan.


Naoto was exposed to woodworking at an early age, as his father is a respected artisan who hand crafts custom designed wooden furniture for clients in many parts of Japan. As Naoto’s experience grew working alongside his father, so did his realization that there was a lack of young artisans in the industry who can inherit and carry the craft. Naoto wanted to promote skilled artisans, and create wooden products that are more easily consumable by younger audiences, so they can appreciate the material in a modern light.


One of the core characteristics behind to-mo-ni products is an emphasis in using recyclable or left-over wood materials that came from the production of larger pieces such as tables, chairs, and other furniture. Thus, the wood quality of to-mo-ni products are very high-grade, and can be re-purposed for daily-use products that demand a more sturdy shape and structure.