tanno seisakujyo

Tanno Seisakujyo is a joint venture product studio founded by a husband and wife team, Yuri Tanno and Masakage Tanno. In Japanese, "Seisakujyo" means factory, and as the son of Norio Tanno, Masakage shares a studio/workshop with his father producing stationary and household goods from their original designs. Although they share the same space, Masakage and his wife focuses on products that are more modern in design and functionality. A friendly competitive spirit between father and son is evident when they work, and is what keeps pushing their limits.


Masakage joined his father's woodworking studio after graduating from Akita College of Arts and Crafts on the main island of Japan. Like his father before him, Masakage developed his skill making card cases and small wooden containers. With an eye for clean design, he aims to create products with minimal wood waste. He won a grand prize at a major craft and artisan competition in 2010. Also his work was recognized by the art display and decoration committee under the CIDA in 2011.   

Yuri worked as a sales planner at a renowned furniture and product design firm Cosine. In 2010, she left the company to launch a product line called "tek" (it means "hand" in Ainu's language) with her husband. As the chief designer, Yuri's creations emphasize "something nostalgic, yet something new". She aims to create products that bring playfulness into the daily lives for both adults and kids. 


There are similarities in Masakage and Norio's work. Both of them are highly skilled in designing and creating their products with small wooden pieces. Like many Japanese artisans, the attention to detail is meticulous. Every product crafted considers the careful selection of wood grains that best articulate their philosophy and design.




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