Dreamy Persons is a design brand owned and operated by Mitsutoshi Tokunaga, who have been working with wooden household products from all over Japan for over 30 years. In conjunction with his retail establishment, “Craft Brown Box”, Mitsutoshi’s keen eye for good design and knowing what his customers appreciate and love have enabled him to collaborate with artisans and designers to create beautiful original products that are a marvel to use and touch.


With a long history working in wholesale, retail, sales and design, Mitsutoshi has developed a highly tuned design sense for wood products, and works with many artisans in Japan. With his studio and retail space in the hills of Arahiyama, Asahikawa, he is surrounded by famous ceramic studios, art galleries and fabric designers that are well known, which many in Japan have made the pilgrimage. Since opening Dreamy Persons in 1993, Mitsutoshi has collaborated with local artisans in Asahikawa, and designers from other parts of Japan, including the brand "kime" with designer Mikiya Kobayashi.


There are products, and then there are products that really make you smile and think. Mitsutoshi’s style and designs reflect the latter, where the idiosyncrasies of the product are expressed to the audience: how it was crafted, or how it is used makes you wonder and think. Since he does not have a workshop or factory, Mitsutoshi works with local artisans in Asahikawa to craft the products he designs.


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