Maiden Voyage

It may be the endless rolling hills, the wide open fields, or how peacefully the snow falls on the trees and landscape to welcome the first breaths of winter, that as soon as you set foot on this place there's something truly magical about Hokkaido. Of course, this being our hometown, Hokkaido lives in a special place in our hearts... 

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. If you imagine Japan shaped like a seahorse, Hokkaido would be it's head, gazing peacefully at the Pacific. Now, there's a lot of really good stuff made here. We think there's something about this place that enables people who come here to buckle down and focus on the things that make them truly happy. It's a frontier, really.

We too are setting off on a new adventure to bring the best there is from Hokkaido and the rest of Japan. It involves promoting artisans and their lifestyles, and bringing their crafts to the world.