Akarino-tane (means "a seed of light" in Japanese) is founded by Hiroyuki Inoue and Miyuki Inoue, a husband and wife team. Their products include wooden desk lights, wooden mini vases (Chiisaki hanaire), and wooden flatwares.  While Hiroyuki crafts the products, Miyuki designs the products.


After working as a CAD designer creating air-conditioning systems, Hiroyuki left his desk job to pursue his passion in woodworking. It seem like a natural choice for him since his grandparents had run a business to produce furniture parts in Asahikawa. Hiroyuki wanted to be a craftsman. He inherited his grandparents's studio and had learnt the skill through his friends and mentors in the local woodworking community. 


Hiroyuki specializes in wood lathe-cutting techniques to create delicate shapes.